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The PAP Project
"Using Law without Lawyers"
novative legal advice for front-line organisations


What is the PAP Project ?
Here is a snapshot...

Migrants regularly face unlawful decisions made by the government which have dramatic effects on them and their families.

The Project enables front line organisations to challenge unlawful decisions – using a combination of e-learning training, detailed precedents and supervision by expert lawyers.

Doing this saves time – avoiding the need for hours waiting for Migrant Help to reply, hours spent trying to obtain assistance from charities or trying to refer people to lawyers.

It enables formal pre action letters (“PAPs”) to be written by people rather than lawyers, which in the majority of cases ensure the government stops acting unlawfully, the issues are resolved and all without having to refer to a solicitor.

The Project is reactive – so, where new issues arise affecting people, a new precedent will be drafted.

The scheme is available for free and is suitable for people without any legal knowledge.


Best of works!

Poor Kids Laughing
E learning + Precedent Letters + Supervision = Justice
What type of issues?

Currently, the issues that we are seeing the most are of families in hotels, young men in dormitories, in hostels and delays in providing support - both accommodation and finances, including the £9.10 per week for people in hostel accommodation. We also see a number of cases around section 17 of the Children Act, and the unlawful confiscation of mobile phones when people arrive in the UK.
We do some PAPs around immigration delays, but these are limited to organisations who are OISC registered.  
A full list of PAPs is here
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